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Minions assemble! You’re about to go bapples over this eGift card celebrating the release of Universal’s Minions: The Rise of Gru.

The Prezzee Minions Smart eGift Card can be swapped for one or multiple eGift cards from hundreds of top brands such as Hoyts, Coles, Woolworths and Target (time for a new pair of dungarees perhaps?).

Whether you’re gifting paratu or a friend or family member that is as mischievous as Bob or Kevin, say bello by personalising your card with an audio, greeting or video message.

Arriving faster than a Minion dashing to meet Gru, every Prezzee Minions Smart eGift Card arrives via SMS or email instantly, or can be scheduled for arrival at a time of your choice.


How it works

  1. Select card NZD value
  2. Click either Buy for myself or Buy as a gift
  3. Add a video or audio message to customise. and upload your video or audio file (optional)
  4. Write a personal greeting (optional)
  5. Choose delivery via SMS or email. Send instantly or schedule a day and time of your choice for arrival.

How to use

  1. Open your Prezzee Smart eGift Card from email or SMS
  2. View video/audio greeting
  3. Select a retailer gift card and the amount to swap to that card
  4. Repeat until the money runs out!

Sign up and never lose another eGift card! Store all your eGift cards securely in the Prezzee wallet and have them ready to go on your phone whenever you are.

Exchange your Prezzee Minions Smart eGift Card for one or multiple participating retailer Gift Card/s, up to the gift card value. Prezzee Minions Smart eGift Card has a 2 year expiry date for users to exchange to a new retailer gift card of their choice. Once the new gift card has been selected new expiry dates will be set and terms and conditions of the chosen retailer gift card will apply.

Retailer Gift Card Terms & Conditions